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Kindness connects to who you are, while niceness connects to how you want to be seen.

“Kindness connects to who you are, while niceness connects to how you want to be seen.” - David Levithan

When you’re not doing so well, vote for a better life for yourself. If you are doing quite nicely,

When you're not doing so well, vote for a better life for yourself. If you are doing quite nicely, vote for a better life for others. — Irvine Welsh

Treat everyone with politeness and kindness, not because they are nice, but because you are.

Treat everyone with politeness and kindness, not because they are nice, but because you are.

It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate

It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership. — Nelson Mandela

You can do nice things for people all of the time and it’s never noticed but as soon as you

You can do nice things for people all of the time and it's never noticed but as soon as you make one mistake it's never forgotten. — Tyga

I live right in front of my daughter. I have a little house right in front of her because I can stay in touch. It's like a little commune, and it's very nice, because you can be close. I can see my granddaughter. I live very close to my brother, too, and my son. We're a very close family. — Debbie Reynolds

When a woman didn’t enjoy it, she leaves early in the morning.

When a woman didn't enjoy it, she leaves early in the morning. Those who had a nice time will wait until the sun comes out, requests breakfast and taxi money. — Julius Malema

I don’t care if you’re black, white, straight, bisexual, gay

I don't care if you're black, white, straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, short, tall, fat, skinny, rich or poor. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. Simple as that. — Eminem

Don't just show kindness in passing or to be courteous. Show it in depth, show it with passion, and expect nothing in return. Kindness is not just about being nice; it's about recognizing another human being who deserves care and respect. — Colin Powell

I know it's sappy, but I bet there's a market for civility and niceness out there that, while probably not as titillating as a junkyard scrap between shirtless adversaries, it'd sure be healthier. -- Steven Weber

Nobody can afford to appear more pleasant than they really are!

Nobody can afford to appear more pleasant than they really are! -- Phyllis Bottome

nice is such a rip-off.

nice is such a rip-off. -- Ntozake Shange

Don’t mistake niceness for weakness

Don't mistake niceness for weakness. -- Jennifer Granholm

A lot of warm vulgarity is incomparably preferable to a

A lot of warm vulgarity is incomparably preferable to a little bit of pinched niceness -- Caitlin Thomas

After you date a player or two it’s nice to just chill with a guy that can keep it basic.

After you date a player or two it's nice to just chill with a guy that can keep it basic. — Angie Martinez

Well, it’s nice to have a dream. But it’s even nicer when there’s a remote

Well, it's nice to have a dream. But it's even nicer when there's a remote possibility of it coming true. — Alyson Noel

It’s never too late to have a fling For autumn is just as nice as spring

It's never too late to have a fling For autumn is just as nice as spring And it's never too late to fall in love. — Sandy Wilson

Dogs lead a nice life. You never see a dog with a wristwatch.

Dogs lead a nice life. You never see a dog with a wristwatch. — George Carlin

It is nice to think how one can be recklessly lost in a daisy!

It is nice to think how one can be recklessly lost in a daisy! — Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Though it might be nice to imagine there once was a time when man

Though it might be nice to imagine there once was a time when man lived in harmony with nature, it’s not clear that he ever really did. — Elizabeth Kolbert

Niceness is the psychological armor of the people-pleaser.

Niceness is the psychological armor of the people-pleaser. — Harriet B. Braiker

I’ve always said to people that auteurism is nice, but it’s hypothetical, and gradually

I've always said to people that auteurism is nice, but it's hypothetical, and gradually you learn how much or how little influence different directors had. — Andrew Sarris

Nice people are often not good people and good people are

Nice people are often not good people and good people are often not nice people. — Ernie J Zelinski

I’m not great at having my picture taken and I don’t enjoy that side of it very much

I'm not great at having my picture taken and I don't enjoy that side of it very much but I enjoy being with my friends and it's nice to have a reunion. — Carey Mulligan

Knowledge and ideas tend to be a bit like experience - nice, but not necessarily useful. Clear thinking, logical priorities and the ability to reason will beat bright ideas and unassisted experience everytime. — Carroll Smith

Its nice if people can finally loosen up a little bit and just go out laugh at silliness.

It's nice if people can finally loosen up a little bit and just go out laugh at silliness. I mean, people take themselves way too seriously sometimes. — Larry the Cable Guy

Ive never been against women. That anti-feminist rap is bogus. I think men should be nice

I've never been against women. That anti-feminist rap is bogus. I think men should be nice to women, buy them diamonds. — Sam Kinison

And things are never okay. It does get better I guess, in that you grow

And things are never okay. It does get better I guess, in that you grow to love yourself if you're lucky. But it doesn't get better because life is hard, and people aren't always nice. — Justin Vivian Bond

Hilary Clinton's great sin was that she left the nicely wallpapered domestic sphere with a slam of the door, took up public life on her own, leaving big feminist footprints all over the place, and without so much as an apology. — Patricia J. Williams

It's really hard, when you have a heavy workload, because it just really pulls you out of your life. It's nice to have some balance. I get to work and enjoy that part of me, but then I have time to have a life and be with my kids. — Blair Underwood

Having your own show, where you’re not in trouble all the time

Having your own show, where you're not in trouble all the time, because you're kind of the boss, is a wonderful experience. If I made mistakes everyone was very nice to me. — Jim Jefferies

I respect humanity. That's my religion. I can't stand these religions that are really businesses. So much money everywhere that's going to buy a really nice house in heaven - or what? I don't get it. — Marjane Satrapi

My wife went to a beauty parlor and got a mudpack;

My wife went to a beauty parlor and got a mudpack; for two days she looked nice, then the mud fell off. — Chic Murray

I had a weird one a few years ago when I woke up one night, went to the window and saw a girl sitting on the kerb across the road just staring at me. Freaky. We get nice gifts for the kids too. And I've had naughty things. Let's say objects. — Peter Andre

To be able to say: I loved this person, we had a hell of a nice time together, it's over but in a way it will never be over and I do know that I for sure loved this person, to be able to say that and mean it, that's rare. That's rare and valuable. — Ernest Hemingway

I think you can tell the difference between “swagger” and real confidence immediately.

I think you can tell the difference between "swagger" and real confidence immediately. You can smell it, like bad body spray versus nice cologne. — Stephanie Beatriz

Well, now, some people learn a little quicker than others.

Well, now, some people learn a little quicker than others. It's nice to learn fast but it's nice to take your time too. — James Agee

To listen to some people in Politics, you’d think-nice-was a four-letter word.

To listen to some people in Politics, you'd think-nice-was a four-letter word. — David Steel

I can't say enough good things about my band. I feel very fortunate that I found them when I did, very early in my career. Not only are they just great, nice guys; they're some of the best musicians you're likely to find. They do everything from gangsta rap to polka music and every genre in between. It's amazing. — Al Yankovic

I had an experience in a restaurant one time where there was a large trolley with beef being carved up, and I just transposed different images onto it. Like, what if there was a nice little cow there with a bowtie and a knife carving up humans. I was a vegetarian for a couple of years after that. — Tobe Hooper

Tom Jones is funny to me, man. I mean, he really tries to ape Ray Charles and Sammy Davis, you know. He's nice-looking; he looks good doing it. I mean, if I was him, I'd do the same thing. If I was only thinking about making money. — Miles Davis

You never see anyone wearing a black turtleneck and leather jacket doing something nice

You never see anyone wearing a black turtleneck and leather jacket doing something nice. — Daniel Tosh

I've never been willing to lie about my age. Why on earth would I want to tell people I'm 35, which I'm not, and have them say, 'Oh that's nice,' when I could tell them I'm 47, which I am, and have them look at me and go, 'Whoa!'. I'm not afraid of aging. I stopped being afraid of life a long time ago. — Sharon Stone

It's rewarding riding into the sunset. What better way to go? My teammates carried me off the field - it doesn't get any better than that. Now it's time to be a dad. To be as successful at that as I was at baseball would be nice. — David Ross

My mom is a little bit eccentric. I mean, she does - she has a lot of unique ideas. For example, she thought that I should have a child with her last husband, Richard, because it would have nice eyes. — Carrie Fisher

I like to wear classic silhouettes and add a punch to it. I'll wear a high-waist legging and a super-crop top or a see-through top with a nice bra underneath. And I just always try to mix it up with heels or something. — Serena Williams

Knitting is very conducive to thought.

Knitting is very conducive to thought. It is nice to knit a while, put down the needles, write a while, then take up the sock again. — Dorothy Day

Instead of thinking that’s a nice tune, you start thinking is it the right pace,

Instead of thinking that's a nice tune, you start thinking is it the right pace, is it the right tempo? That is the death nell for artists. — Alison Moyet

If you really hate George Bush, you don’t want to read about his

If you really hate George Bush, you don't want to read about his hobbies or that he's nice to his friends or that he's good company at dinner. — Daniel Okrent

I enjoy those small chats you have when people come up and talk to you about your work. It only involves a few seconds of effort to be nice to those people, and I am very grateful for the kind words that people have taken the trouble to express to me in person. — Helena Bonham Carter

I did a film called Dracula and it was very nice because

I did a film called Dracula and it was very nice because I had lots of trips to New York on Concorde. — Julie Harris

San Francisco is an interesting place. It's always been such a nice culturally diverse environment, which it still is, but there's a lot of money there now and a lot of dot com's so it's a little different than it used to be. — Les Claypool

It’s cool to have critical success because it’s always nice for your peers to say

It's cool to have critical success because it's always nice for your peers to say, 'Good job.' But who cares about them? — Zac Hanson

I find that it’s nice to work with somebody and spin off on someone else’s feelings

I find that it's nice to work with somebody and spin off on someone else's feelings. You get a little jaded by yourself. — Herb Alpert

I wanted all things to seem to make some sense, So we could all be happy, yes, instead of tense. And I made up lies, so they all fit nice, and I made this sad world a paradise — Kurt Vonnegut

I think that when you get dressed in the morning, sometimes you're really making a decision about your behavior for the day. Like if you put on flipflops, you're saying: 'Hope I don't get chased today.' 'Be nice to people in sneakers.' — Demetri Martin

The only nice thing about being imperfect is the joy it brings to others.

The only nice thing about being imperfect is the joy it brings to others. — Doug Larson

It always smelled like it was raining outside, even if it wasn’t, and you were in the only nice,

It always smelled like it was raining outside, even if it wasn't, and you were in the only nice, dry, cosy place in the world. — J. D. Salinger

The act of laughing releases some nice chemical into your brain

The act of laughing releases some nice chemical into your brain, you feel good and it's free. — James Patterson

It’s so nice to know where you’re going, in the early stages.

It's so nice to know where you're going, in the early stages. It almost rids you of the wish to go there. — Samuel Beckett

Still, this whole grim reaper thing should have come with a manual.

Still, this whole grim reaper thing should have come with a manual. Or a diagram of some kind. A flowchart would have been nice. — Darynda Jones

You have the nicest window, you know? None of the others can even compete. It´s not flashy like the others, or bleary – your window gives of this nice, quiet light. — Banana Yoshimoto

Most of us don’t need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with.

Most of us don't need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with. — Robert Breault

I just wish more of my fellow queers would come out sometimes.

I just wish more of my fellow queers would come out sometimes. It's nice out here, you know? — Elton John

Letting a maximum number of views be heard regularly is not just a nice philosophical notion. It is the best way any society has yet discovered to detect maladjustments quickly, to correct injustices, and to discover new ways to meet our continuing stream of novel problems that rise in a changing environment. — Ben Bagdikian

It is not a lack of real affection that scares me away again and again from marriage. Is it a fear of the comfortable life, of nice furniture, of dishonor that I burden myself with, or even the fear of becoming a contented bourgeois. — Albert Einstein


I will keep a substantial long exposure to gold -- which serves as a Jelly Donut antidote for my portfolio. While I'd love for our leaders to adopt sensible policies that would reduce the tail risks so that I could sell our gold, one nice thing about gold is that it doesn't even have quarterly conference calls. — David Einhorn

It is a very nice world-that is, if you remember that while morals are all-important between the Lord and His creatures, what counts between one creature and another is good manners. — William Alexander Percy

Learn by doing. Theory is nice, but nothing replaces actual experience.

Learn by doing. Theory is nice, but nothing replaces actual experience. — Tony Hsieh

On Furnishing One's Home - Pick your furniture like you pick a wife; it should make you feel comfortable and look nice, but not so nice that if someone walks past it they want to steal it. — Justin Halpern

In five billion years, the sun will expand and engulf our orbit

In five billion years, the sun will expand and engulf our orbit as the charred ember that was once Earth vaporizes. Have a nice day — Neil deGrasse Tyson

The world of maps is nice and flat and simple. It has areas for people and areas for monsters. What a shock it is to discover the world is round and the areas merge and nothing separates the monsters and ourselves; that we are all whirling around in space together and there isn't even a graceful way of falling off. — Margaret Millar

Nice guys do not finish last. Last place is for the cowards and those

Nice guys do not finish last. Last place is for the cowards and those too full of fear to take action. — Robert Kiyosaki

The problem is that we are living now with the consequences of the others people mistake. It would be nice to make our own and learn from them. That is the art of democracy. That is the art of citizenship. — Raj Patel

It would be nice to hear someone accidentally whistle something of mine

It would be nice to hear someone accidentally whistle something of mine, somewhere, just once. — Leonard Bernstein

I’ve lived every day to the fullest, and I’ve had a marvelous time. I’ve tried to be nice to the people I care about, and ignore the ones I don’t. I enjoy what I’ve done. — Sayings

The streets were full of insane & dull people. Most of them lived in nice houses and didn't seem to work, and you wondered how they did it. — Sayings

If you're a nice person and you work hard, you get to go shopping at Barneys. It's the decadent reward. — Sarah Jessica Parker

I want to find a nice decent job as a helicopter pilot. — Felix Baumgartner

That's what love is made of, snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails, sugar, spice, and everything nice. — Smokey Robinson

You don't often hear people say, 'Oh, since he's been taking them drugs, he's such a nice person! He's really come out of his shell, he's really nice, he's blossomed'. — Jarvis Cocker

Not to hope for things to last forever, is what the year teaches and even the hour which snatches a nice day away. — Horace

One of my missions is to get people to go, "Oh, she's really nice and I really like her, but what were the words she just said?!" I want your instincts to be at odds with your mind. — Lucy Lawless

Kafka could never have written as he did had he lived in a house. His writing is that of someone whose whole life was spent in apartments, with lifts, stairwells, muffled voices behind closed doors, and sounds through walls. Put him in a nice detached villa and he'd never have written a word. — Alan Bennett8

Back in the early 1960s, when I was eight or nine. Some neighborhood boys and I saw a disc-shaped, windowless object that hovered, silent, then simply vanished. My parents said, "That's very nice" and ignored it, but I knew what I'd seen, and it was life-changing. — Steven M. Greer

Scots they're either nice or they're horrid and these two are horrid. The Scots wont like that Eamon, thats bordering on racism. Its not racism its ethnic criticism Bill. — Eamon Dunphy

One time, I put up 40, 50 points dunking on Shawn Bradley. After the game, he brought his family over. He was like, 'This is my wife. She wants to take a picture.' I'm like, 'Nice to meet you.' I smile into the camera, take the picture, and then feel guilty about dunking on him so many times. — Shaquille O'Neal

You have to make entertaining movies. But like a good meal, it's nice to have a little food for thought after you walk out of the theater rather than just wiling away a couple of hours. — Michael Douglas

I often go to lunch meetings with my agent, a gallerist or a casting director, but if not, I stay at home and prepare my own food because I love to cook. Im great at pasta, fish and nice salads. — Jordi Molla

The nice thing about having relatives' kids around is that they go home. — Cliff Richard

We all need to be recognized for what we're doing, for our work. Every once in a while we need someone to come up to us and say, 'You're beautiful. That was well done. That's nice.' — Leo Buscaglia

In 1998, I was screening 'Good Will Hunting' at Camp David. And I was saying, 'Nice to meet you, Mr. President. Nice to meet you, Mrs. Clinton.' Madeleine Albright, Sandy Berger, Senator Daschle. It was an extraordinary day. — Lawrence Bender

I wouldn't be with a man who was scared of me, but I don't think men are scared of me - look at me, I'm tiny. I don't think I'm capable of putting anyone off. I'm a nice girl. — Amy Winehouse

When I was a kid my parents used to tell me, "Emo, don't go near the cellar door!" One day when they were away, I went up to the cellar door. And I pushed it and walked through and saw strange, wonderful things, things I had never seen before, like... trees. Grass. Flowers. The sun... that was nice... the sun. — Emo Philips

I was so bad. Out of control. So glad I turned out to be a nice guy. — Stevie Wonder

Sometimes you can have a reputation for not being relatable and nice because you had a bad day once. — James Corden

It's the best deal of, of this whole thing is it turns out I've got this nice home office. And at the end of the day, yeah, I can come home, even if I've got more work to do, I can have dinner with them. I can help them with their homework. I can tuck them in. If I've gotta go back to the office, I can. — Barack Obama

The nice girl thinks she's giving up something to get something better in return. She gives up control over her own life. When the time comes for her to get what she expected, she winds up disappointed. In addition to being empty-handed, she's depleted. — Sherry Argov

Fairy-tales are nice. — Syd Barrett

I'm not an animal lover if that means you think things are nice if you can pat them, but I am intoxicated by animals. — David Attenborough

We also have favourite place in France, called Charlot Premier in Nice, which does excellent oysters. — Roger Moore

So the idea that you could put Kurds, Shiite Arabs, and Sunni Arabs in a nice, liberal, federal system in Iraq in a short amount of time, six months or a year, boggles the mind. — William Odom

I'm older than I was, and I'm still washed-up, and I haven't changed my music one iota. It's just much easier to do this when people are being nice to you. — Ben Folds

Sometimes I go out disguised, but people still recognize me, so I find there is no point in even trying. It would be nice to get away from it, from time to time, but the fact is, there is no place on earth where I can go unrecognized. — Jonathan Davis

I really don't have that many run-ins. People by and large are very nice to me. — Peggy Lee

A photograph never grows old. You and I change, people change all through the months and years, but a photograph always remains the same. How nice to look at a photograph of mother or father taken many years ago. You see them as you remember them. But as people live on, they change completely. That is why I think a photograph can be kind. — Albert Einstein

The nice thing about being a celebrity is that, if you bore people, they think it's their fault. — Henry Kissinger

Each month is gay, Each season nice, When eating Chicken soup With rice — Maurice Sendak

Sometimes I think all I want to find is a mean guy and make him be nice to me. Or maybe a nice guy who's a little bit mean to me. But they're usually too nice too soon or too mean too long. — Carrie Fisher

I just want to sleep. A coma would be nice. Or amnesia. Anything, just to get rid of this, these thoughts, whispers in my mind. Did he rape my head, too? — Laurie Halse Anderson

He lifted the arm covering his eyes and turned his head to glare at her. "I knew you were trouble the first time I saw you." "What do you mean, trouble?" She sat up, glaring back at him. "I am not trouble! I'm a very nice person except when I have to deal with jerks!" "You're the worst kind of trouble," he snapped. "You're marrying trouble." — Linda Howard

i usedta live in the world really be in the world free & sweet talkin good mornin & thank-you & nice day uh huh i cant now i cant be nice to nobody nice is such a rip-off regular beauty & a smile in the street is just a set-up — Ntozake Shange

Try to be "good", you'll be judged. Try to be yourself, you'll be criticized. Therefore, choose the second option. Evil uses the "nice good people" as puppets. It appears dressed as a poor guy, telling them that he needs help...When these people realize they have been used, it is already too late. — Paulo Coelho

Of course there must be lots of Magic in the world," he said wisely one day, "but people don't know what it is like or how to make it. Perhaps the beginning is just to say nice things are going to happen until you make them happen. I am going to try and experiment. — Frances Hodgson Burnett

Could she learn to like this guy? "“It's nice to meet you. " Kylie plastered a warm expression on her face. But she worried he could tell it was a sham. "The pleasure is all mine," he said. Kylie just smiled. He was completely right about that. — C.C. Hunter

And you're too nice," he added, above the lap-lap of the water and the patter of sand on the water-lily leaves. "I was relying on you being too jealous to let that demon near the place. — Diana Wynne Jones

The Argentine tango isn't here to play nicely with the other children. The Argentine tango is here to seduce your women, spill things on your rug, and sneak out your bedroom window in the middle of the night. — Mira Grant

On Thanksgiving Day we acknowledge our dependence. — William Jennings Bryan

I move out here, and next thing I know I'm 25, and the only thing I've heard is, 'Can you get a coffee, can you hurry up with the thing, blah blah blah.' It was nice doing something and hearing someone go, 'Hey, you're good at this.' — Bill Hader

People think, 'Wow, you're an actress, so people must be really nice to you and kiss your ass.' NOBODY kisses my ass. — Alicia Silverstone

A world of nice people, content in their own niceness, looking no further, turned away from God, would be just as desperately in need of salvation as a miserable world-and might be even more difficult to save. — C. S. Lewis

It's not my goal, definitely. I mean, I don't think it's something I can really achieve. Definitely she's a great champion - she has nine titles. But it's nice to see her in the locker room, and she's smiling and she's happy for me. She's really cheering for me. It's nice to have someone like her. — Petra Kvitova

It's very helpful to start with something that's true. If you start with something that's false, you're always covering your tracks. Something simple and true, that has a lot of possibilities, is a nice way to begin. — Paul Simon

My mother said to me, 'Why do you have to call yourself a dyke? Why can't you be a nice lesbian?' 'Because I'm not a nice lesbian, I'm a big dyke.' — Lea DeLaria

All it takes to get elected in twenty-first-century America is a mob of frightened sheep and a wolf with a nice smile. — Greg Bear

I like girls that have a nice smile and nice eyes. I want to date a girl who understands my busy schedule and that I have to be on tour a lot. And she has to make me laugh! — Austin Mahone

Kate Middleton has a nice silhouette and she is the right girl for that boy. I like that kind of woman, I like romantic beauties. On the other hand, her sister struggles. I don't like the sister's face. She should only show her back. — Karl Lagerfeld

Life is what happens to you while you're planning on doing something else. — John Lennon

This is what you do on your very first day in Paris. You get yourself, not a drizzle, but some honest-to-goodness rain, and you find yourself someone really nice and drive her through the Bois de Boulogne in a taxi. The rain's very important. That's when Paris smells its sweetest. It's the damp chestnut trees. — Audrey Hepburn

If we have youth, beauty, blessed gifts, strength, if we find fame, fortune, favor, fulfillment, it is easy to be nice, to turn a warm heart to the world. — Oliver Sacks

I used to think that music was like lace upon a garment, nice to have but not necessary. I have come to believe that music is absolutely essential to our community life. — George Eastman

Helsinki isn't all that bad. It's a very nice city, and it's cold really only in wintertime. — Linus Torvalds

People are very nice to me, even though I'm known for saying rude things. — Karl Lagerfeld

One of the nice things about math and science is it’s obvious, you get the answer or you don’t get the answer. — Lisa Randall

The nice thing about money is that you can do good things with it. I still feel like if something needs to be done or we need to raise money for someone on death row, we can find ways to do it. — Eddie Vedder

L.A., its nice, but I think of sunshine and people on rollerblades eating sushi. New York, I think of nighttime, I think of Times Square and Broadway and nightlife and the city that never sleeps. — Jimmy Fallon

Every day, put a little makeup on, put on some nice underwear,

Every day, put a little makeup on, put on some nice underwear, and you'll keep your husband. — Miranda Kerr

Its obvious nonsense, but it makes nice people feel good about themselves to do their bit for the planet. Its vanity of a grotesque kind to believe that mankind, and our carbon footprint, has more impact on the future of Earth than Nature, which bends our planet to its will, as it sees fit. — Charles Saatchi

I definitely have a sexual ego thing. But if I'm suggestive, it's in a nice way. Luckily, no one's ever been hurt...a few girls have passed out, that's all. — Andy Gibb

He's (George Steinbrenner) the one who gave me a chance to get to the World Series. This is where I wanted to be all along. We had a couple of nice offers from other teams, but I tied my agents' hands. I told them I wanted to be a Yankee. — Roger Clemens

I've got different ideas of complete happiness. But one is being by myself out in a forest, completely happy. Another is walking with a dog in some nice place. And three is sitting around preferably a fire, but not necessarily, and drinking red wine with friends and telling stories. — Jane Goodall

It is decidedly not true that 'nice guys finish last'. — Leo Durocher

Anybody who notices unpleasant facts in the have-a-nice-day world we live in is going to be designated a curmudgeon. — Paul Fussell

It seems to me that the orthodox religions always know more about the Devil than I do and can describe him in more detail, and if I hadn't a nice type of mind I'd begin to wonder what company they keep when the moon rides high in the sky and good witches are doing simple little incantations and asking for spiritual guidance. — Sybil Leek

I'm the nice guy who sits there signing everything that's put in front of me. — Brian May

Retirement: It's nice to get out of the rat race, but you have to learn to get along with less cheese. — Gene Perret

It would be nice if all that exuberance and abundance was connected to a deep ethos of planetary responsibility. — William McDonough

An entire wall in my home is covered with framed pictures of my family and friends. It's nice to go home after a long week of traveling for work and be reminded of memories with the people I love. — Karlie Kloss

Life is stranger than fiction. It's nice to have stuff that people don't know about. And it helps when you read a bad review. You can go, "This guy doesn't have me figured out." There's more mystery to you than they understand. — Dolph Lundgren

Of course there are moments that you wonder how long you should be doing

Of course there are moments that you wonder how long you should be doing it because there are other aspects which are not nice, of this lifestyle. But I just love winning. — Ayrton Senna

I'd love to do a character with a wife, a nice little house, a couple of kids, a dog, maybe a bit of singing, and no guns and no killing, but nobody offers me those kind of parts. — Christopher Walken

It would be nice if the poor were to get even half of the money that is spent in studying them. — Bill Vaughan

Most people are looking for security, a nice, safe, prosperous future. And there's nothing wrong with that. It's called the American Dream. — Lee Iacocca

My dream is to walk around the world. A smallish backpack, all essentials neatly in place. A camera. A notebook. A traveling paint set. A hat. Good shoes. A nice pleated (green?) skirt for the occasional seaside hotel afternoon dance. — Maira Kalman

I'd be more willing to accept religion, even if I didn't believe it, if I thought it made people nicer to each other but I don't think it does. — Andy Rooney

Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance? — Edgar Bergen

And I say, 'Hey, Lama, hey, how about a little something, you know, for the effort, you know.' And he says, 'Oh, uh, there won't be any money. But when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness.' So I got that goin' for me, which is nice. — Bill Murray

What feeling is so nice as a child's hand in yours? So small, so soft and warm, like a kitten huddling in the shelter of your clasp. — Wilson Mizner

Say what you want about it, Hell is story-friendly. .. The mechanisms of hell are nicely attuned to the mechanisms of narrative. Not so the pleasures of Paradise. Paradise is not a story. It's about what happens when the stories are over. — Charles Baxter

I like Frenchmen very much, because even when they insult you they do it so nicely. — Josephine Baker

You could either ignore this advice, or take it from me: Be too nice, and people take you for a dummy. — Daniel Dumile

It doesn't cost nothing to be nice to people — Don Meyer

Won't it be nice when all this beastly killing is over, and we can enjoy ourselves and not hurt anyone? I hate this game. — Albert Ball

If someone gives me a to-do list, I say 'thank you, this is nice. ' One needs things to throw in the wastebasket. — Karl Lagerfeld

There haven't been fundamental structural changes in America. There's been a very important symbolic change and that is the election of Barack Obama. But the only black people who truly live in a post-racial world in America all live in a very nice house on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. — Henry Louis Gates

If this isn't nice, I don't know what is. — Kurt Vonnegut

It’d be nice to have a new name, to start with, one that’s not all worn

It'd be nice to have a new name, to start with, one that's not all worn out from being called so much. — Natalie Babbitt

Walking around without makeup all the time! I know that you should not do, but this is what I like to do and now it's really comfortable and fun. In this chaos is really nice to have someone where you can sit on the couch and not worry about it. — Danneel Ackles

The temptation many creative people I know have is to strive for popularity. To make, do, and say things that other people like in the hopes of pleasing them. This motivation is nice. And sometimes the end result is good. But often what happens in trying so hard to please other people, especially many other people, the result is mediocre. — Scott Berkun

A lot of kids get disappointed. They expect me to be, like, 'Bwaah.' 'If I spend a minute with them, they end up saying, 'Wow, you're a nice, normal guy.' They hate it when they catch me out of my makeup. — Gerard Way

On how to make an egg roll: "Roll it nice and tight like a blunt." — Coolio

And I know your next move, I watch you so much, 'There's been no proven link between the secular state of Iraq and al-Qaeda!' Come on. They both think we're Satan. Isn't that a nice starting point? Why are you so loathe to believe they might have each other on lunatic speed dial? — Dennis Miller

If a voice is just too nice, without an edge, it kinda all flows by. You forget it. You don't listen to the lyrics. — Stephen Malkmus

People are the custodians of the world's wealth; if you want them to hand some over to you, you have to be nice to people! — Stuart Wilde

Let's say there was no terrorism whatsoever and we were all very nice to one another and we were all kind, we still would be faced with an extremely cruel and hostile universe and existence and so I'm a great pessimist and I feel that it's impossible really to be happy, and that the best you can hope for is to be distracted. — Woody Allen

I don't like girls who wear lots of make-up and you can't see their face. Some girls are beautiful but insecure and look much better without the make-up, but decide to put loads on. I like girls with nice eyes and a nice smile. — Justin Bieber

My father died when I was two years old. But my mother was quite capable. She raised three children with his war pension which was peanuts. Yet we did not want for anything. We grew up with a certain parsimony, which is a nice thing. Then if life gives you more good, otherwise you get used to. I'm still thrifty. — Giulio Andreotti

We have a new class in this country: the deserving rich. ... The deserving rich do nice things for each other. Comforting the unafflicted is something that comes naturally to them. — Mary McGrory

I have a lot of internalised tantrums. I secretly hope the worst and then I start planning my little speech for the beginning of it. Showers are the worst - all the time in the shower I'm planning the next time I'm going to lose it at someone, and then I never actually do. You're almost let down when people are nice. — Jon Richardson

Although I have always loved the noise of laughter, I really can't fear the coming of quiet. As for funerals, I rather like them. Such nice things are always said about the deceased, I feel sad that they had to miss hearing it all by just a few days. — Bob Monkhouse

I'm all alone. There has been no man in my life for several months now and although it would be nice to have a boyfriend, I can't just settle for anybody. The fact is I'm choosy, but mainly about a man's character. He has to be interesting, funny and clever. I don't even mind if he's not very good-looking. — Agyness Deyn

It is an oftentimes dangerous world and not all of the people in it are nice, sweet and benevolent. It is the nature of man to behave otherwise and we must find leaders who can show us a better way and still maintains a balanced view. — Mike Medavoy

The nice thing about living in a small town is that when you don't know what you're doing, someone else does. — Immanuel Kant

I would definitely not rule out doing television in the future because I think it's a great medium for telling stories. And it can also be practically very nice for a family man to have 9 months out of the year where you're in the city, where you're close to your home. — Chris Pratt

It is good to be God, yeah. It's nice to get the recognition that I've been working so hard for. — Misha Collins

You know, fans who think we were made for each other and describe it in excruciating detail. You get peculiar things and beautiful things. But either way they're clearly thinking about you, which is nice. — Michael Bolton

The biodiesel we use is 100 percent, it has no petroleum in it. It was already used in fryers throughout our local area. It's already had one life and now it's going to be used again, which is nice. — Daryl Hannah

We all enjoy being comfy, but my comfy - you know, I love a nice, cozy cashmere sweater and spandex, sure. — Olivia Palermo

Actually, it's nice when people hate what you do, because it's still a passionate feeling about it. It's kind of when they're indifferent, you're like, "Oh, well, what am I really doing?" It's nice to go one way or the other. — Tyler Hoechlin

I come across children who sometimes come up and say such nice things and it motivates you so much. They look up to you and they would sometimes say something so nice, something so beautiful. — Junaid Jamshed

As long as each day comes with a nice fresh cup of Oakland Coffee then everything will be alright. — Mike Dirnt

This is the other thing: we make the cost of raising kids higher than it has to be just because we feel they need all this stuff, like gadgets, certain schools, and activities that are nice but aren't really necessary. — Patricia Heaton

Above and beyond having the social life, to have a core group of people that you work with and spend time with and learn how to work with is a nice thing. — Shawn Ashmore

It is nice to be around people who think differently than you. They challenge your ideas and keep you from being complacent. — Tucker Carlson

Like most people I can be lazy, so it's nice to have a goal or deadline or reason to work out. I feel better when I get to exercise, or when I'm outdoors. I like to hike, swim and run, and I love to play soccer. — Viggo Mortensen

It's always nice when you do something and it's well received as opposed to the other way which God knows happens to everybody. When the good times come around, you take a deep breath, appreciate it, but not take it too seriously. — Laura Linney

I think fish is nice, but then I think that rain is wet, so who am I to judge? — Douglas Adams

What feeling is so nice as a child's hand in yours? So small, so soft and warm, like a kitten huddling in the shelter of your clasp. — Marjorie Holmes

I think a nice romantic dinner should be saved for when you and the girl you're dating or seeing have something special and it's a more special occasion. — Ben Savage

You have a nice personality, but not for a human being. — Henny Youngman

No matter how happily a woman may be married, it always pleases her to discover that there is a nice man who wishes that she were not. — H. L. Mencken

Hardly anybody ever writes anything nice about introverts. Extroverts rule. This is rather odd when you realise that about nineteen writers out of twenty are introverts. We are been taught to be ashamed of not being 'outgoing'. But a writer's job is ingoing. — Ursula K. Le Guin

Golf is a nice game, but that's all. It's never going to be an exciting game to watch on TV. It's not a circus and never will be one. The audience for golf is not going to change significantly. It's always going to be people who play it, understand it, and love it. — Jack Nicklaus

Every day my mother had tea. My dad has his ritual cigar. They had their evening cocktail. Those rituals were done nicely, with flair and feeling. — John Travolta

I think there's something extraordinarily nice about seeing the dawn up before one goes to bed, [] there's something uncanny about it. — Nick Drake

It doesn't cost anything more to be nice. — Angelo Dundee

We are continuously living a new life, and when the old and the new do not fit nicely together, the old - no longer able to contain the new - should be discarded. — Ernest Holmes

One of the big questions in the climate change debate: Are humans any smarter than frogs in a pot? If you put a frog in a pot and slowly turn up the heat, it won't jump out. Instead, it will enjoy the nice warm bath until it is cooked to death. We humans seem to be doing pretty much the same thing. — Jeff Goodell

I tried on the farmer's hat, Didn't fit. . . A little too small - just a bit Too floppy. . . . . I tried on the summer sun, Felt good. Nice and warm - knew it would. Tried the grass beneath bare feet, Felt neat. Finally, finally felt well dressed, Nature's clothes fit me best. — Shel Silverstein

All singers must be crazy. But we're a nice family of crazy people — Joan Sutherland

I'm not really keen on men wearing perfumes. It's just a bit wrong! I don't find it sexy. I prefer essential oils - patchouli is nice. — Sayings

We did a two month tour with Taj Mahal that was really healing and cathartic and a good distraction after my brother passed away. Then I knew I wanted to take a year off, and it was really nice to have that chance to fall apart. — Bonnie Raitt

Underneath our nice, friendly facades there is great unease. If I were to scratch below the surface of anyone I would find fear, pain, and anxiety running amok. We all have ways to cover them up. We overeat, over-drink, overwork; we watch too much television. — Joko Beck

It's nice to be financially secure. Apart from that, I really don't care too much about money. — Magnus Carlsen

One of the worst things about life is not how nasty the nasty people are. You know that already. It is how nasty the nice people can be. — Anthony Powell

It's easy to be a bad ass, it's easy to act like a bad ass, easy to act like a tough guy, it's easy to be a diva, and it's easy to be self absorbed. The list goes on and on but to me, I always just find it more important to be nice and kind. — Dwayne Johnson

They misunderstand us, they unwittingly belittle us, they do something that they think is nice that instead just makes us mad. And those are the good ones. — Joanne Lipman

Play the Reverse gossip game. See how many nice things you can say behind someones back. — Bob Burg

I feel there is something nice about not talking. Like you can say more by actually saying less. — Ryan Gosling

Moderation assures mediocrity -- nice, safe. Mediocrity is for the mediocre -- simple, okay. The intense rule; the mediocre follow. — Dave Draper

I'm an empress. I wear an apron. My typewriter writes. It didn't break the way it warned. Even crazy, I'm as nice as a chocolate bar. — Anne Sexton

The further we travel down the path of enlightenment, the more humble we become. We shouldn't seek to impress others—or allow ourselves to be taken—with mere outer trappings. If we do our inner work, our spirit will be our calling card. Nice to meet you. — Philip Toshio Sudo

Central banks have gotten out of the central banking business and into the central planning business, meaning that they are devoted to raising up-if they can-economic growth and employment through the dubious means of suppressing interest rates and printing money. The nice thing about gold is that you can't print it. — James Grant

As a woman, and as somebody in the public eye, we always have to be ready for the red carpet and have the nicest outfit, work with the best makeup artist. While all that's nice, we're also human beings. — Sasha Grey

Here we go again. Pandering to the .3 percent of the American population that consider themselves transgender. Now I get to explain this to my 8-year-old, if I just wanted to watch a nice family show with some nice music. — Gretchen Carlson

Sometimes you don't know if your memory is because you really experienced it or because you look at your old pictures. I have a nice picture of myself held up by my grandfather and my father standing next to me. We all have the same name - we're all called Anton Corbijn. That's something I cherish. — Anton Corbijn

Whatever I'm doing, I try to write well. I try to give the reader a nice, clean well-written surface, where the writing is transparent. It probably takes me longer to write things, but it's very important to me that the writing itself be good. — Shelby Steele

What a nice night for an evening. — Steven Wright

I'm innocent. I've done nothing. I'm a nice guy. — Coolio

If a composer has a nice wife and some nice children, how can he let the children starve on his dissonances? — Charles Ives

Not yet, but I do wanna work with Leona Lewis. I love her, she's so sweet! I think she's working on her album as well so I'd love to do a nice powerful female duet with her. I think our voices would blend really well. There's a couple of other people I'd love to work with - like Fergie, Justin Timberlake and Alicia Keys. — Jordin Sparks

I played the cello from when I was ten, and then I bought a guitar from the father of some friends of mine and played that for a while. And then when I was fourteen or so, I bought a guitar - a real nice one - in Durham, North Carolina, that I worked with up until I was about twenty-five. — James Taylor

It was absolutely thrilling to meet Laurel and Hardy, they were so nice. — Norman Wisdom

Will: "Nice place to live, isn't it? Let's hope they left something behind other than filth. Forwarding addresses, a few severed limbs, a prostitute or two ..." Jem: "Indeed. Perhaps, if we're fortunate, we can still catch syphilis." "Or demon pox," Will suggested cheerfully, trying the door under the stairs. — Cassandra Clare

I didn't mean to interupt you if you were looking for your friends Miss--' 'Callihan,' but you can call my Jasmine. Or Jas.' Or Snookums. Honeybunch. Hotsie Totsie Cowgirl. My Little-- 'It's nice to meet you Jasmine, I'm Jack. — Michele Jaffe

Everyone in the world worth being nice to.

Everyone in the world worth being nice to. Because God never creates inferior human beings, each person deserves respect and dignity. — Benjamin Carson

If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all. — Aesop

If it was just me and Elvis one on one, which only happened once or twice in the times that I did see him, it was a really comfortable. He was a cool guy... easy laugh, nice guy. — Mac Davis

What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity.

What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. — George Eliot

Reread, rewrite, reread, rewrite. If it still doesn't work, throw it away. It's a nice feeling, and you don't want to be cluttered with the corpses of poems and stories which have everything in them except the life they need. — Helen Dunmore

Very nice sort of place, Oxford, I should think, for people that like that sort of place. They teach you to be a gentleman there. In the polytechnic they teach you to be an engineer or such like. See? — George Bernard Shaw

Speaking as an actress, I wish all actors would be more like Duke Wayne. And speaking as a person, it would be nice if all people could be honest and as genuine as he is. This is a real man. — Maureen O'Hara

I never get to wear a suit in my life, much less a tuxedo. It's kind of really fun to get to dress up, because you take yourself a little more seriously if you dress nice in a starched shirt. — Lee Pace

And the nice thing about writing a novel is you take your time, you sit with the character sometimes nine years, you look very deeply at a situation, unlike in real life when we just kind of snap something out. — Sandra Cisneros

You say you're supposed to be nice to the Episcopalians and the Presbyterians and the Methodists and this, that, and the other thing. Nonsense. I don't have to be nice to the spirit of the Antichrist. I can love the people who hold false opinions but I don't have to be nice to them — Pat Robertson

I'm not trying to find another thing that's wrong with me, but I'm such a nice person, and I have a couple of drinks and I'm really good fun and then I'm really not fun — Tracey Emin

You get built up and put on a pedestal and then people want to bring you down. It can be hurtful. Some people try to make me look bad or not a nice person but it's completely false. — Avril Lavigne

I wanted to do something nice so I bought my mother-in-law a chair. Now they won't let me plug it in. — Henny Youngman

No smile is as beautiful as the one that struggles through tears. — Helen Keller

It is really so nice here-country-busy-busy with so many different kinds of things-... I must say I feel far away in another world here-... always we go to a new place...the people have a kind of gentleness that isn't usual on the mainland. — Georgia O'Keeffe

Smile, don’t frown. Look up don’t look down. Believe in yourself Don’t let yourself go. Just be who you are. And let your live flow. — Kirstie Alley

I've love to do more movies. Just because I'm interested in the medium very much. I've done a lot of theatre at this point, and I've done a lot of TV. I've done a few independent films, but a lot of them have not seen the light of day. It'd be really nice to be in a film that gets out there. — Morena Baccarin

She's sun and rain, she's fire and ice, a little crazy, but it's nice. And when she gets mad, you best leave her alone, cause she'll rage like a river then she'll beg you to forgive her. — Garth Brooks

I don't think people should do things because you know, 'I am turning this age, I must go have a husband.' If you find somebody and it works out then have kids, it's very nice. But if you don't, you don't. — Zaha Hadid

One of the nice things about being a private company is operating without the intensity of public glare. It's hard to grow a company under a microscope of constant second guessing. — Sarah Lacy

It's just that [the Hawks have made] a lot of changes. A lot of their great players have moved on. They have a lot of new faces and a lot of young guys who are going to be a part of this team for a long time. It'll take time. They've got a nice little core to start with. — Mike Modano

Beauty is everywhere - on the campus, in the office, living next door. .. Nice girls like sex too - it's a natural part of life. Don't be ashamed of it. — Hugh Hefner

By nice women . . . you probably mean selfish women who have no more thought for the underprivileged, overworked women than a pussycat in a sunny window for the starving kitten in the street. Now in that sense I am not a nice woman, for I do care. — Nellie L. McClung

I loved The Wind in the Willows. ... Walt Disney should be sued for cheapening it as he did. Imagine it, Mickey Mousing all those nice characters. I'm surprised he didn't do it with the New Testament. — Tasha Tudor

When the days start to get shorter, I want to be in some nice brick building on the East Coast with the lights glowing in the windows. When the daylight starts changing, I want to be out West. — Ian Frazier

I appreciate my true fans for enjoying me in what I do every day, whether interviews or playing heel. They are smart and nice people. — Alberto Del Rio

To me 'they lived happily ever after' means to be happy with yourself! My parents always taught me that being happy has to work without Prince Charming. My life is completed without a prince but it's nice of course to have someone who loves you and fights for you. — Kristen Stewart

All of my friends, I consider childhood friends because we met when I was probably 13, and I'm still friends with them today. It's really nice that I have that core group. — Rachel Bilson

I could do nice, but it's just not as much fun. Being nice isn't my biggest goal in life. I'm trying to be honest about who I am, and that's not always nice. I'm not always the world's cheerleader. — Sharon Stone

In the event you bungle elevating your sons or daughters, I do not imagine regardless of what else you are doing nicely issues very considerably. — Jackie Kennedy

I suppose it's nice to have some surprise in life and to surprise yourself in life and see what else you can do. — Paul Weller

I like to do nice things for my grandchildren - like buy them those toys I've always wanted to play with. — Gene Perret

I realized some of the pitfalls of being well-known; it was nice if you were successful, but it made it just that much harder to take when you failed. — Lawrence Welk

If you're in charge of managing domain name space you should treat everybody who asks for a registration the same. Whatever that is - whether it's nice or ugly or whatever - just be fair, treat them all the same. — Jon Postel

For faithful Catholics, communion is not just a nice ritual: It is the body and blood of Jesus Christ, and the ultimate sign of our willingness to be incorporated into the church. — Maggie Gallagher

Tobey's a mellow, cool guy. He's just a good guy. I know that's not the answer you want, and I don't mean that as the political thing to say, but he's a nice guy. — Neil Patrick Harris

Beating up on the so-called elite media has a nice populist ring to it. — Bill Keller

The other night I ate at a real nice family restaurant. Every table had an argument going. — George Carlin

It is a fair summary of history to say that the safeguards of liberty have been forged in controversies involving not very nice people. — Felix Frankfurter

My cats - I have Luna who's just had kittens recently and we called one of them Dumbledore. They're nice but they're not like their characters. — Evanna Lynch

He's nice enough not to want to be associated with a nasty remark but not nice enough not to make it. Lacking the courage of one's nastiness does not make one nice. — Michael Kinsley

It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.

It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice. — John Cassis

A person who is too nice an observer of the business of the crowd, like one who is too curious in observing the labor of bees, will often be stung for his curiosity. — Alexander Pope

It's odd the things that people remember. Parents will arrange a birthday party, certain it will stick in your mind forever. You'll have a nice time, then two years later you'll be like, 'There was a pony there? Really? And a clown with one leg?' — David Sedaris

I have a very big sweet tooth and I love treating myself to something that I wouldn't necessarily eat during the tournament such as a nice-sized cake. — Maria Sharapova

I'd like to record somewhere really different. Rent a really big house and get a mobile in and set up in the dining room. Maybe New England; it'd be nice in September or October. — Robert Smith

Isn't it nice that people who prefer Los Angeles to San Francisco live there? — Herb Caen

Love can make even nice people do awful things. — Jude Deveraux

2,000 years ago one man got nailed to a tree for saying how great it would be if everyone was nice to each other for a change. — Douglas Adams

I used to hang out with Salvador Dali a lot. He was such a nice man. I really liked his wife Gala, too. People say that she was tricky, but she was never difficult with me. — Jerry Hall

Be sure to wear a good cologne, a nice aftershave lotion, and a strong underarm deodorant. And it might be a good idea to wear some clothes, too. — George Burns

I think today the players are too nice to one another, but that might change with the unbalanced schedule, with teams playing each other more and more. When you face each other that much, with that much at stake, something's bound to happen. — Dennis Eckersley

Giving thanks to God for both His temporal and spiritual blessings in our lives is not just a nice thing to do - it is the moral will of God. Failure to give Him the thanks due Him is sin. — Jerry Bridges

It was Tottenham at home. I thought: 'Please don't go on about Tottenham, we all know what Tottenham are about. They are nice and tidy but we'll f****** do them.' Alex came in and said: 'Lads, it's only Tottenham.' And that was it! Brilliant! — Roy Keane

You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt — William Watson Purkey

It's not a nice-to-have - it's a must-have. It's time we stop treating child care as a side issue, or a women's issue, and treat it like the national economic priority that it is for all of us. — Sayings

And the Russians certainly don't have it. If a woman shows up in a fur coat, I just assume she's a crook. And that's me, the nice American. The assumption that you can't make money honestly is a killer. — Esther Dyson

Keep the competitive leads warm, get your deal oversubscribed, because until your deal is done, it's just a nice fantasy in your head — Travis Kalanick

Don't you be so nice to me; I fall in love so easily. — Waylon Jennings

If nice guys finish last, then great guys come in right after them. — Edward Dyer

Be nice to each other. You can make a whole day a different day for everybody.

Be nice to each other. You can make a whole day a different day for everybody. — Richard Dawson

At MTV, it's very nice sometimes to be able to be very specific. Specificity really makes a news story interesting because you can color it in that personality. — Tabitha Soren

It's really nice to have someone who's intelligent and articulate to talk to about what you're doing, because it's a big part of who we are. — Chris Pratt